Sphatik Banalingam - A1326

Sphatik Banalingam - A1326
Product Code - A1326
Crystal Banalingam స్ఫటిక బాణలింగం
(Padigam Bana Lingam, Shiv Ling)

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Sphatik (Crystal) BanaLinga Silver Ring Rs. 3500/-

Sphatik (Crystal) BanaLinga Silver Pendant / Locket Rs. 3500/- are also available with us.
It is evident and proved that those who place this Shiva banalingam in their home or office, replace all negative energies with unlimited abundance and positive power. If one sees and touches this shivling daily in the morning he will see the effect of this from the very first day. One who worships Sphatik Banalinga will be blessed with Good Health, Peaceful Life and ensures undisturbed sleep. Relationship between the wife and husband will flourish. Children will get knowledge. He will be blessed with abundant of wealth. Shiva lingam connects a devotee with the Supreme Being – Lord Shiva. Spadik crystal bana lingam is very good for Lord Shiva poojas. Sphatik is also mispronounced as Sphadik, Sphadikam, Spadikam, Spadika or Sphadika.
After taking bath, wearing neat and clean clothes, the worshipper should make oneself sanctified. All the things for Shiv-poojan, as given before in the list of substantial material required, should be kept ready. The CHAUKI, on which the Shiv-Diety is to be throned should be covered by the white cloth and then the phallus-deity be enthroned after giving it a bath in milk, then in GANGAAJAL (water of river Gangaa) in full devotion.
In the same way, the SHIV-TALISMAN should also be placed on the CHAUKI. Shiv-Deity, may be of any metal, stone, wood or clay. It is convenient to have an inscribed Talisman on a copper-plate, otherwise it can be drawn on a bark of birch tree by white sandal.
After giving throne to Lord Shiva, incense stick and the clay-lamp be lighted. The KALASH should also be placed on the right side, filled with water. The leaves of the wood-apple should be sanctified by giving them wash in clean water. To begin with Pooja after having seat on the Aasan infront of the Diety.
It is a well assumed and known fact in Hindu religious rites and worship of any God, that it must be begun after paying devotional regards to Shree Ganesh Ji first. Hence, in Shiv-Poojan too, we are to worship Lord Ganesh first. His deity should also be place on the CHAUKI by the right side of the main deity. He should be given substantial offers as Arghya, unbroken rice, flowers, niaiviaidya etc. pronouncement of Contemplation Verse, which is as follows:
  • Aum sumukhashchiaikadantashcha
  • kapilo gajakarnak: I
  • Lambodarashcha vikato
  • Vighanaasho vinaayak: II
  • Dhoomrakeyturganaadyaksho
  • Bhaalachandro gajaanan: I
  • Dwaadwashayi: taani naamaani ya:
  • Patheychhu-nuyaadapi II
  • Vidyaarambhey vivaahey cha
  • Praveyshey nirgamey tathaa I
  • Sangraamey sankatashchayiva
  • Vighna tasya na jayatey II
  • Shuklaambaradharan
  • Deyvan shashivarn chaturabhujam I
  • Prasanna vadanan
  • Dhyaayeytsarva vighnopashaantyey II

After making Swati-Speech, one should sprinkle some water on his head three times, reciting the Purification Verse as follows:
  • Aum a-pavitra: Pavitro vaa Sarvaavasthaamgato-apivaa.
  • Ya: smareyta pundareekaasham Sa vaahyabhantar: shuchi

Then Bhoot Shudhi (Eradication of Evil spirit) should be done by reciting the following verse:
  • Aum apasarpantu tey bhootaa, Yey bhootaa sansthitaa.
  • Yey, bhootaa vighna kartaarastey, Nashyantu shivaajyayaa.

After getting free from evil spirits the devotee should resolve as follows:
  • Hari: Aum tatasat I nama: parmaatmaney shree puraan purushottamaay shree mad bhagavatey mahaapurushasya vishnoraajyayaa pravartamaanasyaadyabrahmano dwiteeya, praharaardhey shree shweytavaaraaha kalpey vayivaswata manvantarey ashtaavinshatitamey kaliyugey kali pratham charney Jamboodweepey Bharata khandey Bhaaratavarshey aaryaavartaantargatadeyshayika punya ksheytrey shashthi samvatsaraanaa madhyey (1) naamni samvatsarey, (2) ayaney, (3) ritou, (4) maasey, (5) pakshey, (6) tithou, (7) nakshtrey, (8) yougey, (9) vaasarey, (10) raashisthitey Sooryey, Chandrey, Bhaumey, Budhey, Gurou, Shukrey, Shanou, Raahou, Keytou evam gunavishishtaayaa tithou, (11) gotrotpanna, (12) naamni (sharmaa, varmaa, etc), aham dharmaartha kaam, moksha heytavey shree Shiva poojan karishyey I

Now it should be assumed that the master of this universe, king of kings has taken the seat alongwith Parwatiji, and they should be offered water to wash their feet by reciting the following verse, and the water should be dropped in the feet of deity.
  • Mahaadeyva Maheyshaan, Tribetram cha paraat-par.
  • Paadyam-Grihaanam-dattam, Paarwatee sahiteyshwar.

With a deep feeling that the Great Lord, who destroyed the three cities has sipped the palmpit water, he should be offered to have cow-milk for bath by reciting the following verse:
  • Madhuram Gopaya: Punyam, Patapootam Puraskritam.
  • Snaanaarth Deyva deyveysh, Grihaan parmeyshwara.
With the assumption that the cow-milk presented for bath has been accepted, curd for same purpose shall be offered, reciting this verse.
  • Durlabhamdivya Suswaadu Dadhi sarv priyamparam.
  • Tushti dampaarwateenaath, Snaanaaya pratigrihyataam.

When this act is over, and it has been felt that Paarwateenath has taken bath in curd, he is required to have the offer of butter-oil (Ghee) for further bath.
  • Ghritam gavyam shuchirasnigdham, Suseyayam pushtidaayakam.
  • Grihaan Girijaanaath, Snaanaaya Chandrasheykhar.

Feeling as such that Lord Maheswar has taken bath in Ghee, a devotee is to offer Honey for taking bath.
  • Madhuram mridumohaghnam, Swarabhang vinaashanam.
  • Mahaadeyvey Dumutsristam, Tavasnaanaya Shankar.

If Panchaamrit is ready, the devotee is not required to give cow milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar baths distinctly. He can offer the Lord only Panchaamrit Bath by reciting the verse given below.
  • Payodadhi Ghritam Kshaodrahi sharkaraa, Mishritayi: Kritam.
  • Panchaamrit, Grihaaneydam, Snaanaarth Shivashankar:

Now after Panchaamrit bath or bath given by Cow-milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey and Sugar distinctly pure water’s bath is to be given to Lord, by speaking the verse as follows :
  • Gangaa Godaavaree Reywaa, Payoshanee Yamunaa tathaa.
  • Saraswatyaadi Teerthaani, Snaanaarth pratigrihyataam.

  • Maalyaadeeni Sungandheeni, Maalityaadeeni Vayi prabho.
  • Mayyaa-a-hritaani poojaarth, Pushpaani pratigrihyataam.
  • Saajyam cha varti sanyuktam, Bahninaa yojitam mayaa.
  • Deepam Grihaan deyveysh, Trayilokya Timiraapah.

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