Durga Vyaghra Ring

Durga Vyagara Ring or Durga Tiger Ring or Durga Leopard Ring Rs. 500/-
Ayyappa Vyagara Ring or Ayyappa Tiger Ring or Ayyappa Leopard Ring 

Durga Vyaghra Ring in Telugu దుర్గా వ్యాగ్రపుటుంగరం
Durga Vyagara Ring in Tamil துர்கா புலி மோதிரம்

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It is the fearlessness of the tiger that qualifies it to be the vahana of Durga, the goddess who exists to destroy evil. Though usually depicted as a tiger, the vahana is sometimes drawn as a lion, appearing without stripes. Tiger is symbolized as the mount (Vahana) of Goddess Jagdamba or Ambka in Hindu scripture. So, devotees also worship Tiger in Goddess Jagdamba or Ambika's temple. Hence by wearing the ring of Durga Tiger it generates the feelings of fearlessness, intelligence in you. Leopard is the most cunning carnivorous animal in the jungle. Wearing Leopard ring results intelligence in you. Those who are in politics and wish to pursue this field should wear Leopard's ring.
Durga the warrior could not have destroyed the demon Mahishasura without the aid of her mount, Manashthala the lion. Durga is the unconquerable form of the female goddess. She contains within her the power of all the gods combined and destroys evil. Durga’s vahana is a lion, which represents heroism. In her gentlest form she is Parvati, the consort of Shiva. But Parvati has a lion as a vahana too, which next to Shiva’s the bull makes quite a statement. The imagery is slowly changing from lion to tiger as the word sher stands for both. But both animals are symbols of power and truth over lies. Tiger-riding Jagaddhatri is an important deity in Bengal. Parvati  Wife of Shiva, whom she won over by performing tapas (austerities).  She is thought of as the ideal devotee of her Lord, Shiva.  Her name means "daughter of the mountain."  She is depicted with four arms and usually carrying prayer beads, a mirror, bell, and citron.  Her vahana (vehicle) is a lion or tiger.  She is worshiped as a Mother Goddess, and has manifestations as Durga, Kali, and various local Goddesses.
Tiger symbolizes unlimited power. Durga riding a tiger indicates that She possesses unlimited power and uses it to protect virtue and destroy evil.The tiger is vahana(vehicle) of goddess DURGA. In Nepal there is no burning of Ravana on Dusshera because it is believed that Goddess Durga, riding a tiger, killed Mahishasura ( a buffalo-headed demon) on the same day. Mahishasura it is said , was so powerful that none of the gods were able to defeat him. Therefore they met together to form Durga with 18 hands, many weapons, riding a tiger. It thus shows that tiger has always been a very important symbol of power & might.
Every place has something they believe in. They are often called a myth or legend. To a majority of ethnic groups they are in believe of a god and myths on animals. In this case for China they have a big thing for animals like tiger, dragons, serpents, snakes, etc. They each have a myth or legend on the animal. It is a story of respecting the animal and showing that an animal is useful. Now about tigers. To china they are respected. Like in Chinese mythology there is a story called "The tale of the trusty tiger". The tiger is well respected after saving a man that was trapped in a ditch. The man respected the tiger by every year feeding the tiger a fresh pig. There is another tale called "Tiger boys" It is another myth on boys going to the woods turning in to tigers. There is other tales that you can check out. There is the Sumatran Tigers and there is also the Siberian Tigers. The five different types of living tigers today are: Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, South-China Tiger, Indo-Chinese Tiger, and the Sumatran Tiger. The Siberian Tiger's scientific name is Panthera tigris altaica. The Siberian Tiger is the largest living cat today. There are three types of tigers that became extinct. Those tigers are called The Bali Tiger, Javan Tiger, and the caspian Tiger. There was eight types of tigers before, but now there is five types left. The south china tiger is near extinction. Only 20-30 south china tigers are left in the whole world. Probably they will pay more attention to the south china tigers. I know that in China they are doing all they can to save the tigers because they are very fond of them. Without that tiger it might change the way things are in China. I know they have great respect for this great type of a tiger. Even if China has all those other myths on animals they are really close to losing one of their well known animals or their type of tiger. In my opinion they are probably going to lose one of their best animals and maybe the best.
The tiger is associated with Lord Ayyappan of Sabarimala, who was born by the union of Lord Shiva with Mohini (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). According to legend, Ayyappan, was found by a king and queen on the banks of a river and brought him to their palace. When the queen had a child of her own, she became jealous of Ayyappan and planned to get him killed. She pretended to be ill and sent Ayyappan to fetch tiger’s milk to cure her illness. She expected him to be killed by the tigers and was surprised to see Ayyappan return to the palace riding on a tiger, with the other tigers following him. Lord Shiva is often depicted wearing or seated on a tiger skin. The Lord also bears the name Vyaghranatheshwara (Vyaghra means tiger + Natheswar means Lord), because he once had slain a demon, who had taken the form of a tiger.
Tigers have always played a key role in Korea’s history and mythology. Many readers are probably aware of the legend of Tangun, the founder of Korea. Basically there was a bear and a tiger who desired to become humans. They were told that if they could endure the darkness of a cave, eating nothing more than mugwart and cloves of garlic, for 100 days, they would be transformed into humans.
The bear succeeded and was transformed into a beautiful woman who later bore Tan’gun, but the tiger, unable to restrain his desire to wander, failed. Fortunately for the tiger, Hwanung (the son of the God of Creation) was merciful and allowed the tiger to remain in his presence as a guardian while Hwanung was upon the earth.

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