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Navarandhra Ring or Nine Hole Ring or Navagraha Ring Rs. 500/-
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Navarandhra Ring or Nine Hole Ring or Navagraha Ring in Telugu నవరంధ్ర ఉంగరం
Navarandhra Ring or Nine Hole Ring or Navagraha Ring in Tamil ஒன்பது துளை மோதிரம்
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Navarandhra Ring will have 9 holes in the front of the ring filled with colours and coated with mercury. In a human body we have 9 holes known as Nava Randhra. This Navarandhra Ring will protect these Nava Randhras in our body and will keep them hale and healthy, disease free.

Nava Means 9. As per Numerology 9 has a special place.
నవము - navamu - [navamu] Naramu [Skt.] adj. New, కొత్త. n. Praise, స్తోత్రము, పొగడ్త. Nine, తొమ్మిది. నవంనవం ప్రీతిరహోకరోతి (Māgha) every moment presented fresh beauties. నవసంఖ్య the figure nine; viz. which the poets say is the form of a beautiful ear.నవమన్మథుడు a second Cupid. నవసుందరి a second Venus, a rival to Venus.నవకము navakamu. adj. New, fresh, blooming, నూతనమైనది. Nine, తొమ్మిది. n. Freshness, tenderness, మృదుత్వము. Youth. యౌవనముచక్కదనముంబలంబు నవకంబునుశీలము. Nagnajit. ii. 27. నవగ్రహబిళ్ల nava-graha-billa. n. A brooch set with nine stones (ruby, emerald, sapphire, &c.) sacred to the nine constellations. నవతి navati. n. Ninety. నవధాన్యములు nava-dhānya-mulu. n. The nine sorts of grains, viz., Rice, wheat, Bengal gram, &c. నవమము navamamu. adj. Ninth. తొమ్మిదవనవమాలిక. nava-mālika. n. The doubel Jasmine. విరాజి.నవమి navami. n. The ninth lunar day either of the light or dark fortnight.తొమ్మిదవతిథినవరంధ్రములు or నవద్వారములు nava-randhra-mulu. n. The nine apertures of the body. నవరత్నములు. nava-ratnamulu. n. The nine gems, a collective phrase: some reckon them as వజ్రము diamond, వైడూర్యము lapis-lazuli (cat's eye.) గోమేధికము agate, పుష్యరాగము topaz, నీలము sapphire, మరకతముemerald, మాణిక్యము ruby, విద్రుమము coral, మాక్తికము pearl. నవరత్నకిరీటము a gemmed crown. నవరత్నము a particoloured or mottled game cock. నవరత్నకంఠిor కంటె a neck jewel set with four or five sorts of stones. నవరాత్రి nava-rātri. n. The Navaratri or nine nights: an annual festival in honour of Durga: also called Dussarah, దసరానవరాశికము nava-rāsikamu. n. The rule of nine in Hindu arithmetic, i.e., the double rule of three; Compound proportion.
Om! Gam! Ganapathaye! Namaha!
Om! Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!
Om! Namo! Bhagavathe! Vaasudevaaya!
Om! Ham! Hanumathe! Sri Rama Doothaaya Namaha!
Number nine (9) is the most intriguing digit of all the numbers. It is an absolute number which when multiplied by any number always reproduces itself; the sum of digits in the product will always be nine. In Sanskrit # nine is known as Nava; and Navathi means ninety; Navaka means group of nine, fresh, new, blooming etc. It is such a fascinating, sacred and divine number that it is associated with several doctrines and concepts of Hindu philosophy, religion and spirituality. Some of the concepts and terminologies associated with number nine (9) from a Hindu perspective are as follows; 
Navavidha Bhakti 
Sravanam (hearing about God); Keerthanam (singing in praise of God); Smaranam (remembering God); Paada-sevanam (serving the lotus feet of God); Archanam (worshiping God); Vandanam (obeisance/salutations) Daasyam (serving for the cause of God); Sakhyam (Mythri; friendship with God) and Aatma Nivedanam (Saranam/ total surrender to God) are the nine modes of devotion that are paths to liberation.
Nava Randhras (Nava Dwaara)
Birth and death of a human being is associated with number nine. A child will be in the womb of a mother for nine months that is known as Nava maasa; and from the day of conception to the birth of child it will be 279 days that adds up to nine (9).
Randhra means outlet or opening or aperture. It is said that a human being has nine exit points called Nava Randhras through one of which the soul finally leaves the body.  They are eyes (2); nostrils (2); ears (2); mouth (1); and excretory organs (2). Human body is the city of nine gates where the soul dwells. (Bhagawadgeeta Canto # 5 sloka # 13)  Of course there is one more outlet the 10th one that is known as Brahma Randhra at the top of the head. A soul departing from this aperture is a rarity and that will happen only in case of a noble soul.
Nava Varshas
Jambudweepa is in the centre of Bhoomandala divided into nine regions known as Varshas. They are Bharatha Varsha; Ilaavrutha Varsha; Bhadraaswa Varsha; Hari Varsha; Kethumaala Varsha; Ramyaka Varsha; Hiranmaya Varsha; Uttara Kuru Varsha; and Kimpurusha Varsha
Nava Rasa (Nine types of reactions)
Srungaara (beauty/love); Haasya (mirth); Karuna (compassion); Roudra (anger); Veera (courage/heroism); Bhayaanaka (fearful); Adbhuta (astonishment); Bheebhatsa (disgust); Saantha (tranquility) are nine forms of emotions expressed by human beings according to situations. These passions form the basic factors depicted by the artiste in all types of Indian classical dance like Bharatha naatya; Kuchipudi; Odissi etc.
Nava Durga
Goddess Durga is said to have manifested in nine different forms known as Nava Durga. They are Shailaputhri; Brahmacharini; Chandraghanta; Kooshmaanda; Skhandhamatha; Kaathyaayani; Kaalarathri; Maha Gouri; and Siddhidhaathri.  Navadurga Stuthi is based on the above names.
Nava Naarasimha
Famous pilgrim centre, Ahobilam is called Nava Naarasimha Kshethra where, Lord Naarasimha is said to have manifested in nine different forms (Nava Naarasimha) within Ahobilam. They are Jwaala Naarasimha, Ahobila Naarasimha, Maalola Naarasimha, Krodha Naarasimha, Kaaranja Naarasimha, Bhaargava Naarasimha, Yogaananda Naarasimha, Chatravata Naarasimha, and Paavana Naarasimha. These nine forms of Lord Naarasimha depicting nine types of reactions are said to be the governing lords of Navagrahas. Worshiping these nine forms of Lord Naarasimha is believed to a good remedy for Navagraha Dosha. 
Nava Brahmas
Mareechi; Angeerasa; Pulastya; Pulaha; Krathu; Daksha; Brugu; Vasishta and Athri are the sons of Lord Brahma grouped as Nava Brahmas.
Nava Naaga
Anantha; Vaasuki; Sesha; Padmanaabha; Kambala; Sankhapaala; Dhaartharaashtra; Takshaka; and Kaali are grouped as nine great Naaga Devathas (Serpent Gods) who are adored in Hindu religion.
Nava Graha
Sun (Surya); Moon (Chandra); Mars (Kuja or Angaaraka); Mercury (Budha); Jupiter (Guru or Bruhaspathi); Venus (Sukra); Saturn (Shani); Rahu and Kethu together are called Nava Grahas. Though Sun is a star and Moon is a satellite and Rahu; Kethu are shadowy planets, they are referred to as planets in Hindu philosophy resulting in Nava-Grahas (nine planets)
A planet or a Graha is a celestial body that has substantial influence on the living beings on earth. According to Hindu philosophy, Nava Grahas play an important role in human life. Each Graha has a specific role and signification; they are the representatives of the Primordial Supreme Lord and are the universe’s agents for carrying out karmas accumulated throughout the lives current as well as past. Zodiac is the basis around which these planets keep moving from one sign (raasi) to the other that is known as planetary transit or gochaara. Navagraha worship is prevalent in Hindu philosophy since time immemorial followed by our elders and described in various sacred texts. They form the pivot around which the concept of astrology rotates. 
Vajra (diamond); Vydoorya (Cat's eye); Gomedhika (Hessonite); Pushyaraaga (Yellow sapphire); Marakatha (Emerald); Maanikya (Ruby); Neela (Blue sapphire); Muthya (Pearl) and Pravaala (Coral) are the nine primary gems. These nine gems are associated with Navagrahas, symbolically representing them and are used as a remedy for Navagraha dosha
Nava Dhaanya
A group of nine grains generally associated with Navagrahas are; wheat (Sun), rice (Moon), red gram (Mars), green gram (Mercury), Bengal gram (Jupiter), black eyed peas (Venus), black sesame (Saturn), black gram (Rahu), and horse gram (Kethu). They are also used as a remedy for Navagraha dosha.
Hindu Panchaanga and Nava (#9)
Ninth lunar day as per Hindu Panchaanga (almanac) is known as Navami thithi; Ashta Vasus are the presiding deities of Navami thithi.  It is known as Riktha thithi and is not an elected day for performing auspicious functions. Navami thithi during dark fortnight of Bhaadrapada; Maargasira; Pushya; Maagha and Phaalguna months is known as Anvashtaka; sacred for giving Thila tharpana to forefathers under concept of Shannavathi Sraaddha. Ninth day in the dark fortnight of Bhaadrapada maasam (Pithru Paksha) is known as Avidhava Navami when ceremonies are performed for those Women (Mothers) who died as Sumangali (husband alive).
Hindu Astrology and Nava (#9)
Number nine has got a unique place in Hindu astrology as it represents the 9th house the Dharma Sthaana (righteousness). It signifies primarily that of father (pithru sthaana). It is the house of fortune (bhaagya sthaana) and it also signifies the religion, intuition, fame, charities, leadership, long journeys etc. It is one of the Trines (angular house) in a birth chart along with the 1st and 5th house.  In the natural zodiac, Sagittarius is the 9th house whose lord is Jupiter the Guru or Bruhaspathi the natural benefic planet. In Hindu astrology division number nine (9) is known as Navaamsa Chakra which is a very important divisional chart that is to be studied compulsorily while making predictions especially the one that is related to marital front. Study of Navaamsa chart enables to confirm the results of raasi chakra. 
Astro Numerology and Nava (#9)
In Indian numerology number nine is considered as a very powerful number.  Mars is its ruling planet which is planet of dynamic energy, initiative and impulse to accomplish great deeds. It represents heat, fire, energy, success and continuation of activities.  It is also a planet of strife, war, and destruction. It bestows high ambition, creative abilities, robust health, strength, power, courage, strong will power, determination, initiative to undertake risky ventures Etc.  
Those born with number nine as their birth number are generally considered as fortunate so far as the materialistic progress is concerned.  At the same time they struggle a lot in their life to achieve their higher objectives. They are aggressive, highly adventurous; highly ambitious and generally do not accept defeat. They cannot lead a simpler type of life and will always be on the move without rest. They are sure to make their mark in life and attain fairly high positions.  It is ideal for placement in armed forces or police. They are generally rough and tough and pick up quarrels and enemies quickly. They do not tolerate criticism. They will be fortunate and lead a happy life if they can avoid conflicts; family discords about trivial matters and do not magnify their problems. They should stay away from prejudices and bias. They are also prone for accidents and injuries.
Navamukhi Rudraaksha
In the concept of Rudraaksha; Navamukhi (nine faced) is known to represent Nava Durga (nine forms of the Goddess) and its ruling planet is Kethu. It is believed to bestow upon the wearer energy, dynamism, fearlessness and spiritual development. It is also used as a remedy for Kethu and Venus related problems.
Festival that is held for nine days during the bright fortnight of Aaswayuja Masam starting from the first day (Sukla Paadyami) is known as Devi Navarathri or Durga Navarathri. Literally Navarathri means nine great nights when Goddess Shakthi fought with the demon Mahishaasura. These nine days are very holy and revered days when the Almighty is worshipped in feminine form. During Navarathri festival the Mother Goddess is worshipped mainly in three Divine Energy forms viz…Maha Durga, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswathi, the embodiments of strength, wealth and knowledge. Ninth day of Devi Navarathri is known as Maha Navami; on which day a ritual known as Aayudha Pooja is performed. We find such nine day (Navarathri) celebrations being held for Lord Sri Rama known as Rama Navarathri, for Lord Ganesha known as Ganesha Navarathri. Even the Brahmotsavam festival held at Tirumala for Lord Venkateshwara is also a nine day and night celebration that is known as Navaraathri Brahmotsavam.  
Sri Raama Navami
Sri Rama Navami the day Lord Sri Rama an epitome and embodiment of righteousness was born. Sri Rama Navami is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Sri Rama that is celebrated across the country irrespective of the caste and creed.  It is celebrated as the birth day of Lord Sri Rama coinciding with the ninth day (Navami thithi) of Chaithra Maasa Sukla Paksha as per Hindu calendar.  
Madhva Navami
Madhva Navami is associated with Sri Madhvaachaarya, one of the greatest Hindu Saints and Philosophers who was the founder and exponent of Dvaita Philosophy. Born in 1238 AD Sri Madhvaachaarya lived for 79 years and left this world on the 9th day of bright fortnight (Navami thithi) in the lunar month Maagha Masam in the year 1317 AD.  That day is celebrated as Madhva Navami.
Nava Brundavana
Nava-Brundavana a small island in the Tungabhadra River is situated near Anegondi in Gangavathi Taluk of Koppal district in Karnataka state. It is approximately 20 km from Gangavathi which was earlier in Raichur district.  At the same time Nava-Brundavana is also nearby to Hampi, 12 km away from Hospet in Bellary district of Karnataka state. This is an abode chosen by nine eminent Saints (Yatis) of Aachaarya Sri Madhva’s heritage for their mortal remnants to be laid to rest. These nine great Saints are… Sri Padmanaabha Theertharu; Sri Kaveendra Theertharu; Sri Vaageesa Theertharu; Sri Govinda Wodeyaru; Sri Vyaasa Theertharu; Sri Raghuvarya Theertharu; Sri Srinivasa Theertharu; Sri Raamachandra Theertharu; and Sri Sudheendra Theertharu.
One should not miss to visit this rare and spiritually energized place at least once in the life time and seek the blessings of nine great Gurus who are spiritually present in these Brundavanas. They are standing as a testimonial to the glory and significance of Madhva Philosophy. Amply sanctified with the presence of Moola Brundavanas of nine eminent Saints, Nava Brundavana has become one of the revered pilgrim centers in general and for the Madhva fraternity in particular.
Nava Nandi Kshethras
Nandeeswara (Nandi) the divine mount of Lord Shiva that we find invariably in all Shiva temples positioned opposite to the Lord. In and around Mahaa Nandi, one of the famous Shiva Kshethras in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, we find a group of nine temples collectively known as Nava Nandi Kshethras within a radius of about 30 km from Nandyal town. They are Prathama Nandi; Naaga Nandi; Soma Nandi; Surya Nandi; Shiva Nandi; Vishnu Nandi; Mahaa Nandi; Vinaayaka Nandi and Garuda Nandi. It is believed to be meritorious visiting all the Nava Nandi kshethras on a single day from sunrise to sunset.
Nava Brahma Kshethra (Alampur)
Famous Shiva kshethra, Alampur near Kurnool town in Andhra Pradesh is the home of nine very ancient Nava Brahma temples dating back to 7th century CE. They are Taaraka Brahma; Swarga Brahma; Padma Brahma; Bala Brahma; Garuda Brahma; Kumara Brahma; Arka Brahma; Veera Brahma and Viswa Brahma. These temples are all enclosed in a court yard on the left bank of the river Tungabhadra. Out of these nine temples Bala Brahma is the prime shrine of worship at Alampur.

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