Sri Sudarshan Multi Colour Yantra

Sri Sudarshan Multi Colour Yantra
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శ్రీ సుదర్శన యంత్రం, ஸ்ரீ சுதர்ஷன் மல்டி கலர் இயந்திரம்

Sudarshan Yantra Benefits : This Yantra Represents Lord Vishnu. Sudarshan Yantra’s main purpose is to remove negativity, illness and misfortune. The Mantra to be Chanted 108 times every day is “Om Namo Narayanaya”.  This Yantra is the Prime Protective Yantra. The Sudarshana Chakra is the wheel of cosmic time , karma and destiny. It beholds the fate of all living and non living things and the universe itself. The creation , dissolution and absoprtion of everything in the universe lies within the Sudarshan Chakra. This chakra was desgined by Lord Shiva and given as a gift to Sri Vishnu , after lord shiva was impressed with Sri Vishnu's devotion towards him. The Sudarshan refers to discuss of Vishnu, weapon to repel and punish evil and it is constructed from the pure flame of the sun.  It is a dynamic Yantra in that the construction represents a whirling wheel of sacred flame that keeps all negativity, illness, misfortune and so on at bay.  Break the clutches of all your unexplainable sufferings and worries. The supreme guard Lord Vishnu encircles you with energetic vibrations that relieve you from mental stress, fear, health ailments and, other obstacles. Within the body of the Yantra are inscribed sacred bija mantras that have proven their efficacy as protective talisman.  The powerful radiations of the Yantra come to your rescue when you stumble amidst problems and perils. The mighty weapon – the brilliant Chakra of Lord Vishnu enlivens you when you wane in your spirits. When worshipping this Yantra the devotee visualizes oneself being in the centre of this sacred circle of sun-fire.  Secure and protected from all harm and ill that might befall him/her.
Srimad Bhagawatam Kuchelopakhyanam has mention that Shani himself told Rukmani the wife of Lord Krishna, that he goes easy on those who worship Sudarshan Chakra form of Lord Vishnu. Hence Sudarshan Chakra is worshipped for pleasing Shani and thus negating the malefic effects of Sade Sati (Saturn Period). The “Sudarshana Chakra” possesses healing characteristics. The energized patterns on the Yantra heal your health afflictions, destroy enmity and relieve mental trauma. Lord Sudarshana liberates you from your sins and helps you attain salvation.
This yantra is used for overcoming your enemies and removing any black magic which might have been done on you. It removes all the problems caused by your enemies and it is very effective. His Yantra acts as a divine shield to you against all the evil eye castings and negative forces. It embeds the seeds of confidence in you to achieve triumph in all the spheres of your life! For protection against enemies and destruction of negativity, for paying obesience to Lord Vishnu, Rama or Krishna. The Vedas inform us of the Sudarshan Chakra, a manifestation of the Lord’s spiritual potency which acts in different capacities according to the Lord’s desire.  Generally the Sudarshan Chakra appears as a weapon like discuss with a razor sharp edge that may also exhibit intolerable heat.
Sudarshana Yantra rebuilds the lives of:
People who suffer from severe health ailments
People who struggle to win over their enemies
People who desire to attain salvation
People who yearn for a hitch free life
People who want immediate relief from negativity
People who need protection from ill wishes of others
People who seek to grow in purity.

Sudarshana means “someone who is good looking, someone who has a good foresight” (Su + darshan = Sudarshan). In Tamil, Lord Sudarshana is also called as “Chakrathazhvan”. Among all the weapons possessed by Srimath Lord Narayana, Sudarshana weapon occupies the highest honour and hence he is also called as “Chakra Rajan”.

Significance of Lord Sudarshana
Lord Sudarshana plays a very crucial role in decimating evil and protecting the good. He is considered to be extremely powerful. In Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna makes references to Vajrayudham. This is not to say that Sudarshana’s role is inferior in any manner. For the Lord, Sudarshana Chakra is much more than a weapon.

References to Sudarshana Chakra are found in Ambareesa Charithram. This can be found in Srimad Bhagavatham (9th Skandam). Ambareesan was a great king who was born to Nabaga. More than a king, Ambareesan was a great Vaishnava. As Ambareesan and his spouse are deep in meditation thinking about Lord Maha Vishnu, Sri Hari is extremely pleased with their devotion and blesses them with a boon saying that the Sudarshana Chakra will forever protect them.
During the month of Karthikai, Ambareesan was observing the Ekadasi fast. Sage Durvasa entered the palace of Ambareesan. We all know that Durvasa Rishi was short-tempered. But also he had powers which were never lost even when he cursed others. Even when he cursed others, his power became more intense.
Sage Durvasa informed that he would break the fast along with King Ambareesan. He went to take bath. After waiting interminably for the sage, King Ambareesan decided to break the fast at the auspicious hour by consuming a drop of water. Sage Durvasa realised this through his mystic powers. Incensed by King Ambareesan who broke his fast without waiting for him, the sage directed an evil power towards the King.

But nothing could harm the King. Lord Sudarshana was protecting him. Lord Sudarshana started running behind the Sage Durvasa. Even Lord Shiva could do nothing to protect the sage. Eventually, Sage Durvasa had to apologise to King Ambareesan for his folly. King Ambareesan begged for forgiveness from Lord Sudarshana on behalf of the sage and thus Lord Sudarshana was pacified.

Other features of Lord Sudarshana
Lord Sudarshana has the effulgence of a 1000 Suns. He played a crucial role in the Mahabharata war coming to the aid of the Pandavas at the most crucial hour.

Hymns to Propitiate Sudarshana Mantra
There are a few powerful hymns of Sudarshana Mantra that need to be learnt under the guidance of a proper guru or acharya. In this article, we have given only one or two shlokas that can be chanted by anyone. But three things need to be borne in mind. Chanting of Sudarshana mantra should be done after taking a bath. Prior to chanting the sudarshana mantra, chant the name of Lord Maha Vishnu as in “Om Namo Narayanaya” . Chanting must be with immense faith. Do not leave the chanting half way through. You can chant as many times as you want. Even chanting it once is good enough.

Benefits of Sudarshana Mantra
The shloka has immense powers to rid you all of the curses or doshas and freedom from evil thoughts or spirits. All the evil influences that block good things from happening will be decimated by chanting of the Sudarshana Mantra. This is also good for pregnant women who only need to think of Lord Sudarshana. Please remember : the Sudarshana Mantra will ensure the triumph of good over evil.
Please note that the 108 worded sudarshana shloka is not to be chanted as there are certain rituals to be followed. However, the simple shlokas given below can be chanted daily.

“Om Namo Bhagavathe 
Maha Sudarshanaya Hoom Bhat”
“Sreem Hreem Om Sudarshana Chakraya 
Ribhu Chittam Pramaya Pramaya Swaha”­

To reiterate, chant any of Lord Vishnu’s shlokas before chanting the above hymns. Picture the image of Lord Sudarshana as the one who is smiling and wielding the sudarshana chakra while chanting.
The Sudarshana-Chakra is shown as a Hexagon in Lord Vishnu's background. Brilliant as fire and having four and having four or eight sixteen arms, Lord Vishnu is depicted holding bow, arrow, trident, noose, goad and other implements as also weapons, apart from the usual Vaishnavite symbols. It is said to represent the cosmic mind as well as his infinite power to create and destroy the universe. The Sudarshana Mantra is said to possess the power to neutralize poisons and exorcise malignant spirits.
No account of Lord Vishnu is complete without mentioning about the Saligrama, a blackish rounded and polished stone which is worshipped as the emblem of Vishnu. There are different varieties of Saligrama representing different aspects of the lord. Saligramas are installed in temples of worshipped in one’s home. Once it is kept at home, its worship becomes obligatory.Sudarshana Homam will destroy ones enemies by harnessing the power of Sudarshana Chakra.

Sudarśana Chakra - the discus of the lord 
The personification of Sudarśana Chakra the Lord's ultimate weapon, shaped like a wheel
"O Sudarśana wheel, you are religion, you are truth, you are encouraging statements, you are sacrifice, and you are the enjoyer of the fruits of sacrifice. You are the maintainer of the entire universe, and you are the supreme transcendental prowess in the hands of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are the original vision of the Lord, and therefore you are known as Sudarśana. Everything has been created by your activities, and therefore you are all-pervading." (SB 9.5.5)
Sudarshana Chakra is the discus weapon of Lord Vishnu/ Krishna which is usually used for the ultimate destruction of an enemy and protecting good over eveil. Sudarshana Chakra adorns the right rear hand of the four hands of Mahavishnu. This disk-like weapon consists of thousands of sharp edges and produces intolerable heat.
The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Sudarshana is "auspicious vision". It is a combination of the words "Su" which means "Divine/auspicious" and "Darshana" which means "Vision". Sudarshana is worshipped by Vaishnavas and regarded as the Deity who helps the devotees to clear the difficult path to attain the lord.   

Sudarśana Chakra - The Wheel of the Lord
by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda
Srimad Bhagavatam 1.9.6-7 purport
Sudarśana: This wheel which is accepted by the Personality of Godhead (Viṣṇu or Kṛṣṇa) as His personal weapon is the most powerful weapon, greater than the brahmāstras or similar other disastrous weapons. In some of the Vedic literatures it is said that Agnideva, the fire-god, presented this weapon to Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa, but factually this weapon is eternally carried by the Lord. Agnideva presented this weapon to Kṛṣṇa in the same way that Rukmiṇī was given by Mahārāja Rukma to the Lord. The Lord accepts such presentations from His devotees, even though such presentations are eternally His property. There is an elaborate description of this weapon in the Ādi-parva of the Mahābhārata. Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa used this weapon to kill Śiśupāla, a rival of the Lord. He also killed Śālva by this weapon, and sometimes He wanted His friend Arjuna to use it to kill his enemies (Mahābhārata, Virāṭa-parva 56.3). The word sudarśana means "auspicious vision."
The wheel in the hand of the Lord, called the Sudarśana cakra, has one thousand spokes. The yogī is advised to meditate upon each of the spokes. He should meditate upon each and every one of the component parts of the transcendental form of the Lord. (SB 3.28.27)
The yogī should further meditate upon the Lord’s four arms, which are the source of all the powers of the demigods who control the various functions of material nature. Then the yogi should concentrate on the polished ornaments, which were burnished by Mount Mandara as it revolved. He should also duly contemplate the Lord’s discus, the Sudarśana cakra, which contains one thousand spokes and a dazzling luster, as well as the conch, which looks like a swan in His lotuslike palm. (SB 3.28.27)
tvaṁ dharmas tvam ṛtaṁ satyaṁ
tvaṁ yajño ’khila-yajña-bhuk
tvaṁ loka-pālaḥ sarvātmā
tvaṁ tejaḥ pauruṣaṁ param
"O Sudarśana wheel, you are religion, you are truth, you are encouraging statements, you are sacrifice, and you are the enjoyer of the fruits of sacrifice. You are the maintainer of the entire universe, and you are the supreme transcendental prowess in the hands of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are the original vision of the Lord, and therefore you are known as Sudarśana. Everything has been created by your activities, and therefore you are all-pervading." (SB 9.5.5)
Set into motion by the Supreme Personality of Godhead and wandering in all the four directions, the disc of the Supreme Lord has sharp edges as destructive as the fire of devastation at the end of the millennium. As a blazing fire burns dry grass to ashes with the assistance of the breeze, may that Sudarśana cakra burn our enemies to ashes. (SB 6.8.23)
Mahārāja Ambarīṣa said: O Sudarśana cakra, you are fire, you are the most powerful sun, and you are the moon, the master of all luminaries. You are water, earth and sky, you are the air, you are the five sense objects [sound, touch, form, taste and smell], and you are the senses also. (SB 9.5.3)
O Sudarśana, you have a very auspicious hub, and therefore you are the upholder of all religion. You are just like an inauspicious comet for the irreligious demons. Indeed, you are the maintainer of the three worlds, you are full of transcendental effulgence, you are as quick as the mind, and you are able to work wonders. I can simply utter the word namaḥ, offering all obeisances unto you.
The disc of the Lord is called Sudarśana because he does not discriminate between high and low criminals or demons. Durvāsā Muni was certainly a powerful brāhmaṇa, but his acts against the pure devotee Mahārāja Ambarīṣa were no better than the activities of asuras. As stated in the śāstras, dharmaṁ tu sākṣād bhagavat-praṇītam: [SB 6.3.19] the word dharma refers to the orders or laws given by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Sarva-dharmān parityajya mām ekaṁ śaraṇaṁ vraja: [Bg. 18.66] real dharma is surrender unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore real dharma means bhakti, or devotional service to the Lord. The Sudarśana cakra is here addressed as dharma-setave, the protector of dharma. Mahārāja Ambarīṣa was a truly religious person, and consequently for his protection the Sudarśana cakra was ready to punish even such a strict brāhmaṇa as Durvāsā Muni because he had acted like a demon. There are demons even in the form of brāhmaṇas. Therefore the Sudarśana cakra does not discriminate between brāhmaṇa demons and śūdra demons. Anyone against the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His devotees is called a demon. In the śāstras we find many brāhmaṇas and kṣatriyas who acted as demons and have been described as demons. According to the verdict of the śāstras, one has to be understood according to his symptoms. If one is born of a brāhmaṇa father but his symptoms are demoniac, he is regarded as a demon. The Sudarśana cakra is always concerned with annihilating the demons. Therefore he is described as adharma-śīlāsura-dhūma-ketave. Those who are not devotees are called adharma-śīla. The Sudarśana cakra is just like an inauspicious comet for all such demons. (SB 9.5.6)
The following is a verse in praise of Sudarsana from Sri Vaisnava pancaratrika texts mentioning Sudarsana inside the Sat-kona yantra:
sankham cakram capam parasu-
masimisum sula pasankusastram
bhibhranam vajrakhedau hala musala-
gada kuntam atyugra dhamstram
jvala kesam tri-netram jvalad -
anala-nibham hara-keyura bhusam
dhyayet sad-kona samastham
sakala ripu jana prana samhara cakram
"O great Cakra, remove the life of all our enemies. I meditate upon You, residing in the middle of theSat-kona holding conch, cakra, bow, axe, sword, trident, noose, goad, missile, thunderbolt, plough, pestle and mace. You have terrible fangs, fiery hair, three eyes and you have the intensity of a raging inferno and You are adorned with ornaments and necklaces."
"After hearing from the sun and moon demigods about Rāhu’s attack, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Viṣṇu, engages His disc, known as the Sudarśana cakra, to protect them. The Sudarśana cakra is the Lord’s most beloved devotee and is favored by the Lord. The intense heat of its effulgence, meant for killing non-Vaiṣṇavas, is unbearable to Rāhu, and he therefore flees in fear of it. During the time Rāhu disturbs the sun or moon, there occurs what people commonly know as an eclipse."
The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Viṣṇu, is always the protector of His devotees, who are also known as demigods. The controlling demigods are most obedient to Lord Viṣṇu, although they also want material sense enjoyment, and that is why they are called demigods, or almost godly. Although Rāhu attempts to attack both the sun and the moon, they are protected by Lord Viṣṇu. Being very afraid of Lord Viṣṇu’s cakra, Rāhu cannot stay in front of the sun or moon for more than a muhūrta (forty-eight minutes). The phenomenon that occurs when Rāhu blocks the light of the sun or moon is called an eclipse. The attempt of the scientists of this earth to go to the moon is as demoniac as Rāhu’s attack. Of course. their attempts will be failures because no one can enter the moon or sun so easily. Like the attack of Rāhu, such attempts will certainly be failures. (SB 5.24.3)
Sudarśana mantra
sudarśana mahājvāla koṭi sūrya samaprabhā |
ajñānāndhasye me deva viṣṇor mārgaṃ pradarśaya ||
"O Sudarshana, great flame, as refulgent as an hundred thousand suns, lead me O Lord from the darkness of ignorance and guide me towards Lord Vishnu’s path."

Sudarśana gāyatri

सुदर्शनाय विद्महे महाज्वालाय धीमहि।
तन्नश्चक्रः प्रचोदयात्॥

oṁ sudarśanāya vidmahe mahājvālāya dhīmahi |
tannaścakraḥ pracodayāt ||


Sudarśana aṣṭhottara śata nāmavaliḥ
The 108 Names of Sudarśana Cakra

[From Rāmānujā Prayer Book]

oṁ śrī sudarśanāya namah | cakra-rājāya | tejo-vyuhāya | mahā-dyutāya
| sahasra-bāhave | dīptāṅgāya | aruṇākṣāya | pratāpavate | anekāditya-
saṅkāśāya | prordhva-jvala-bhirañjitāya || 10 ||

saudāmaṇi-sahasrābhāya | maṇi-kuṇḍala-śobhitāya | pañca-bhūta-mano-
rūpāya |  ṣaṭ-koṇa-antara-saṁsthitāya | harānta-karaṇodbhuta-roṣa-
bhīṣana-vigrahāya | hari-pāṇi-lasat-padma-vihāra-maṇo-harāya | srīkāra-
rūpāya | sarva-jñānāya | sarva-loka-arcita-prabhave | catur-daśa-
sahasrārāya || 20 ||

catur-veda-mayāya | analāya | bhakta-candramasa-jyotiṣe | bhava-roga-
vināśakāya | rephātmakāya | makārātmane | rakṣo-sṛug-bhuṣitāṅga-kāya |
sarva-daitya-grīvanāḷa-vibhedana-mahā-gajāya |  jvala-karāya || 30 ||
bhīma-karmaṇe | tri-locanāya | nīla-vartmane | nitya-sukhāya | nirmala-
śrīyai | nirañjanāya | rakta-mālyāmbara-dharāya | rakta-candana-bhūṣitāya
| rajo-guṇa-kṛte | śūrāya || 40 ||

rākṣasa-kula-mohanāya | nitya-kṣema-karāya | prajñāya | pāṣaṇḍa-jana-
khaṇḍanāya | nārāyaṇa-jñānuvarthine | naigamānta-prakāśakāya | bali-
mandana-dordaṇḍa-khaṇḍanāya | vijayākṛtaye | mitra-bhāvine | sarva-
mayāya || 50 ||

tamo-vidhvaṁśanāya | rajas-sattva-tamodhvartine |  tri-guṇātmane |
triloka-dhṛte | hari-māya-guṇopethāya | avyayāya |  akṣara-rūpa-bhāje |
param-ātmane | parama-jyotiṣe |  pañca-kṛtya-parāyaṇāya || 60 ||

jñāna-śakta-bal-aiśvarya-vīryāya | teja-prabhāmayāya | sadāsat-paramāya
| pūrṇāya | vāmayāya | vardhāya | acyutāya | jīvāya | haraye | haṁsa-
rūpāya | pañcaṣaṭ-pīṭa-rūpakāya || 70 ||

mātṛka-maṇḍala-adhyakṣāya | madhu-dhvaṁsine | mano-mayāya |
buddhi-rūpāya | citta-sākṣine | sārāya | haṁsākṣara-dvayāya | mantra-
yantra-prabhavāya | mantra-yantra-mayāya | vibhave || 80 ||

 sraṣṭre | kriyās-pataye | śuddhāya | mantre |  bhoktre | tri-vikramāya |
nirāyudhāya | asaṁraṁbhāya | sarva-yudha-samanvitāya |  oṁ-kāra-
rūpāya || 90 ||

pūrṇātmane | oṁ-kārāt-sādhya-bhañjanāya | aiṁ-kārāya | vāg-pradāya |
vāgmine | śrīṁ-kār-aiśvarya-vardhanāya |   klīṁ-kār-mohan-ākārāya |
huṁ-phaṭ-kṣobhan-ākṛtaye | indrārcita-mano-vegāya | dharaṇi-bhāra-
nāśakāya |  vīrārādhyāya || 100 ||

viśva-rūpāya | vaiṣṇavāya |  viṣṇu-bhakti-dāyakāya | satya-vratāya |
satya-parāya | satya-dharmānuṣaṅgakāya |   nārāyaṇa-kṛpa-vyūha-teja-
cakrāya | śrī sudarśanāya  || 108 ||

Prayers to the Lord’s Weapons

To the Sudarsana Chakra

chakram yugantanala-tigma-nemi
bhramat samantad bhagavat-prayuktam
dandagdhi dandagdhy ari-sainyam ashu
kaksham yatha vata-sakho hutashaha
Set into motion by the Supreme Personality of Godhead and wandering in all the four directions, the Sudarsana disc of the Supreme Lord has sharp edges as destructive as the fire of devastation at the end of the millennium. As a blazing fire burns dry grass to ashes with the assistance of the breeze, may the Sudarshana chakra burn our enemies to ashes.
To the Club

gade ‘shani-sparshana-visphulinge
nishpindhi nishpindhy ajita-priyasi
bhuta-grahamsh churnaya churnayarin
O club in the hand of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, you produce sparks of fire as powerfulas thunderbolts, and you are extremely dear to the Lord. I am also His servant. Therefore kindly help me pound to pieces the evil living beings known as Kushmandas, Vainayakas, Yakshas, Rakshasas, Bhutas and Grahas. Please pulverize them.
To the Conchshell

tvam yatudhana-pramatha-preta-matri
darendra vidravaya krishna-purito
bhima-svano ‘rer hridayani kampayan
O best of the conchshells, O Panchajanya in the hands of the Lord, you are always filled with the breath of Lord Krishna. Therefore you create a fearful sound vibration that causes trembling in the hearts of enemies like the Rakshasas, Pramatha ghosts, Pretas, Matas, Pishachas and brahmana-ghosts with fearful eyes.

Sudarshana mantra viniyoga

अस्य श्री सुदर्शन महामन्त्रस्य अहिर्बुध्न्यो ऋषिः।
अनुष्टुप् छन्दः। श्री सुदर्शन महाविष्णुर्देवता॥
रं बीजम्। हुं शक्तिः। फट् कीलकम्। श्री सुदर्शन प्रसाद
सिद्धयर्थे जपे विनियोगः॥

asya śrī sudarśana mahāmantrasya ahirbudhnyo ṛṣiḥ |
anuṣṭup chandaḥ | śrī sudarśana mahāviṣṇurdevatā ||
raṁ bījam | huṁ śaktiḥ | phaṭ kīlakam | śrī sudarśana prasāda
siddhayarthe jape viniyogaḥ ||

Another Sudarśana mantra

सुदर्शन महाज्वाल कोटीसूर्य समप्रभ 
अज्ञानं तस्यमे देव विष्णोर्मार्गम् प्रदर्शय॥

oṁ sudarśana mahājvāla koṭīsūrya samaprabha |
ajñānaṁ tasyame deva viṣṇormārgam pradarśaya ||

Sudarshana dhyaana mantra

शंखं चक्रं चापं परशुमसिमिषुं शूलपाशांकुशाग्नीन्
बिभ्राणं वज्रखेटौ हलमुसलगदाकुन्त-मत्युग्रदंष्ट्रम्।
ज्वालाकेशं त्रिनेत्रं ज्वलदननिभं हारकेयूरभूषं
ध्यायेत् षट् कोणसंस्थं सकलरिपुजन प्राणसंहार चक्रम्॥

śaṁkhaṁ cakraṁ ca cāpaṁ paraśumasimiṣuṁ śūlapāśāṁkuśāgnīn
   bibhrāṇaṁ vajrakheṭau halamusalagadākunta-matyugradaṁṣṭram |
jvālākeśaṁ trinetraṁ jvaladananibhaṁ hārakeyūrabhūṣaṁ
   dhyāyet ṣaṭ koṇasaṁsthaṁ sakalaripujana prāṇasaṁhāra cakram ||

Sudarshana moola mantra

श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं कृष्णाय गोविंदाय गोपीजनवल्लभाय पराय
परमपुरुशाय परमात्मने
परकर्म-मंत्र-तंत्र-यंत्र-औषध अस्त्र-शस्राणि संहर संहर
आयुर्-वर्धय-वर्धय-मृत्योर्मोचय मोचय शत्रुन् नाशय नाशय
नमो भगवते महासुदर्शनाय दीप्ते ज्वाला-परीताय
सर्वदिक्-क्षोभणकराय हुं फट् परब्रह्मणे परंज्योतिषे
सहस्रार हुं फट् स्वाहा

om śrīṁ hrīṁ klīṁ kṛṣṇāya goviṁdāya gopījanavallabhāya parāya
paramapuruśāya paramātmane
parakarma-maṁtra-taṁtra-yaṁtra-auṣadha astra-śasrāṇi saṁhara saṁhara
āyur-vardhaya-vardhaya-mṛtyormocaya mocaya śatrun nāśaya nāśaya
om namo bhagavate mahāsudarśanāya dīpte jvālā-parītāya
sarvadik-kṣobhaṇakarāya huṁ phaṭ parabrahmaṇe paraṁjyotiṣe
om sahasrāra huṁ phaṭ svāhā

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Indian Customers who are interested to purchase our products through PayUmoney :-

Click the Buy now with PayUmoney button.

Type Product Price, Your name, address with pincode, product code, product name and complete the procedure, you have the freedom to purchase using your credit card / debit card / net banking… its simple.

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Our Banks Details :
State Bank of India
Account Holder Name : V. Srihari,
Account Number : 30127268269,
Branch : Chennai West Mambalam,
IFSC.Code : SBIN0001683.

Lakshmi Vilas Bank
Account Holder Name : V. Premkumar,
Account Number : 0440301000001628,
Branch : Chennai T.Nagar,
IFSC. Code : LAVB0000440.

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